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In the last years, the field of electronic marketing E-Marketing expanded and occupied an important part in the world of Marketing because the number of internet users increased and most of works and products relied on this network greatly so electronic marketing becomes one of the important advertising means since it can move the product from the local market to the international market by lowest possible cost, the electronic marketing  has many advantages such as low cost, good interaction, quick and reflexive approach to audience , following up of the interests of the aimed audience, comprehension of special multimedia and globalism of advertising show .
Among the services we offer :
Search Engine Optimization ( SEO)
Email Marketing
Media social marketing
Search Engine Optimization ( SEO)
It is very useful mean for making an access to the current clients and prospective ones , this mean is used regularly by the companies to know how to acquire the most usefulness of electronic site of your company . Writing to web network is one of art methods , it requires different group of standards such as defining the most important phrases and the key words that  seek to focus on the class that is interested in your product or service in order to reach to high order among sites at Google .Our job is to convoy the optimal standards that match with search engines to maintain your classification . The nature of the optimal search engine depends on how people shall find your website when using the search engines on internet .The clients may find your web page on internet network if they knows the name of your company but  they may be will not do so . There are algorithms  for research that require the content of high quality web page in order to attract people to your business .
You can have the help from a.t. advertising company because it has technicians and experts of search engines , only by contacting the company by phone , they shall provide you with their help in order to gain success in your business .
Email Marketing :
It is a good mean for the company or the establishment to promote its commodities and services .You will receive in the inbox mail an email letter about the details or the services which the company provides .
Many advantages can be gained by using email marketing :
-by this mean we can specify the class which seeks your company to send to such class your advertisements ,this is very useful if your company provides specialized service that is intended to have access for certain group of consumers .
-by such mean you can market your product by reasonable cost .
-it can increase contact with clients .
-such mean has prompt results of electronic mail campaigns which are quick and not complicated that enable you to detect the results by reports which provide precise analysis of clicks by knowing the most popular link and amending the content according to that and the correspondences of periodic schedule which generate best results .
-by this mean you can reach to your market by aiming the class which is interested in the products or services .
-by this mean we can design distinctive designs , create dynamic professional electronic mail which attracts the attention with colors and lines to reflect the company image.
Media social marketing
The increasing direction to use internet and social media means by the companies to build their existence on internet is considered an acknowledgment that such new means provide active method in terms of cost and access to new wide audience. The use of social networks such as tweeter, you tube and face book , etc… shall provide the possibility of quick access to prospective clients and helps to discover the class that is interested in your products and service , consequently such class will be interested to read and exchange news & information and content of your company , and therefore such mean may be inseparable part of your web marketing campaign because it shall encourage regular flow of interaction. Social marketing uses general principles and technologies marketing to create communication and to forward social letters to the consumers . The purpose of the social marketing is to build long term relation between the establishment and its different audience which depends on enforcing and maintaining valuable discussion about the reflection and relation with clients. There are incomes and benefits from media social marketing  ,such incomes and benefits are symbolized by the increase progress of passing and increase in links which improve research engine vision . The social marketing helps the establishment to understand the needs of its audience and how it should response to such needs and consequently such social marketing enables the establishment to have long term relation with its audience , therefore the social marketing can help you better to know the interests of your audience .
Optimized press releases to promote your business :
Normally, a good written press release is used in order to announce new trading business or to release new product or service or other information that the company may seek to publish. Hence the company itself or its representative will be the publisher of the article and the final aim is that other sites shall catch the press release whereas the optimal Press release contains main intended words used by their clients , words that are most probably used in research engines to search for your product or trading business and consequently this will push up the passing movement  to your website & develop the recognition to your trade mark and it will much attract the attention of the press .
Online banners :
It is a positive method that achieves the intended goals because it is designed in good care which draws the attention of the intended class in order to inform the users to maintain lasting positive impression about the product or the service and to enforce your trade mark at the strategic places on internet networks or on the electronic site of your company , in fact a.t. advertising Co. uses new creative concepts that attract the attention and contain intention which leads to great positive results .

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