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Multimedia Production

With the spread of visual media and its importance in the delivery of the message to the target audience, various forms of visual media have appeared such as: television Ads, documentary movies, and  multimedia presentations. In light of the spread of this media, a.t ADVERTISING (art talent for advertising) has adopted the principle of providing its services to be in the ranks of companies specializing in this field, to translate its services into a creative painting by using the top international technologies and creative expertise through the provision of innovative services, by providing specialized programs in accordance to the requirements of your design multimedia, whether it is in the field of architectural design or flash design using programs like 3D max and Maya flash . Design multimedia contribute in motivating your audience and can make complex ideas easier to understand and more widespread. Imagine handing your potential client a CD containing the multimedia presentation using a combination of video, fixed images, graphics, text ,and audio, and provides information about services dynamically, product pricing and specifications in detail as well as information about your company. That leads to leave a lasting impression to your customers. Design multimedia enables providing an important chance for service providers in terms of attracting new customers and increase loyalty to the company. Presentations by multimedia provide ongoing point of contact with customers, build successful relationships with them, and can be a useful way to gather information about them as well as to achieve desired goals of the ad campaign, where they help to put the name of the company and its vision in the hands of potential customers through the advertisement included in design multimedia service. Our creative enthusiasm blends with the technology in terms of programming skills,  graphics, charts, animation and writing in order to achieve your goal in delivering  your company messages  to unprecedented levels and create a unique approach in converting your brand to display it  in a new way to stimulate interest of your customers in the  products and services you offer. In addition, to make multimedia impressive and glamorous, it must also be optimized to load fast, and not causing boredom to the client while waiting the download for a long time.
Multimedia is used for the following reasons:
• explain Company Info.
• an explanation of a particular product or service.
• Education and training.
• in exhibitions and conferences.
• Interactive Booklets .
• In your web site.

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