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Event Management

The event management is considered by the companies of different capacities as one of the tools of Strategic marketing and communications , it can release the products and reach them to journalistic conferences and companies to create promoting events to help such companies to communicate with the prospective clients since such companies may seek their audience by using the media aiming to generate the media coverage which may reach to thousands or millions of people. From this domain , a.t. advertising Co. maintains to provide this service with high degree of care and professionalism in order to pass the sought message from any event & achieve the required purposes and present the organizing side in the required image. From our experience, our team is able to manage the events according to their classes and purposes .
-Commercial events for example: sales, products release, meetings of the companies and conferences.
-Entertainment events for example sport.
-Cultural and religious events for example popular art and tradition.
a.t. Advertising Co, does its best efforts to establish the event in professional form though its team which owns the most important main tools needed for the success of any event such as :
-pre-planning of the event and identification of its aims and goals .
-professionalism in designing , creating special identity of the event .
-availability of the necessary audio and visual effects .
-coordination with media sides to cover the event in the required style.
-carrying out all necessary administrative and coordinating duties that are accompanying any event .
-publishing the event in all required means ( journals, internet )
- event documenting and filing.
The groups that lead to the success of the event can be specified as the following :
Manager of the event :
He is the person who plans and executes the event , the manager of the event can share in building the trade mark, marketing and strategies of communications , he is considered an expert in the creative & artistic and logistic components .
Engineer of the event :
He is the person who shares in all stages of early commencement of such event, he can make the serious decisions that are related to the concept of creation and designing of the event by his deep artistic knowledge and the complete understanding about how he can pass the message of the company to the audience .
Sustainability :
The sustainable management of the event ( known also by the name :event preparation), it is the process that is used to produce event with special concern for the environmental & economical and social cases.
Technology :
Event management companies provide with event the tools of programs to deal with great common activities such as representative registration or hotel reservation.


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