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We, at a.t Advertising always strive to develop our marketing and promotional ideas according to our costumers requirements and their future plans. So we take the charge and organize your advertising campaign in a totally professional manner that ensures best aspired results through sound planning, organized strategies and accurate performance.

Promotional Campaigns are organized communication activity that aim at creating a change in the target public in a continuous planned manner for long periods to gain the reaction aspired from this advertising campaign. Therefore, the advertising campaign are essential  that any business success is measured according to the campaign success in reaching the aim aspired.

The great challenge is that no matter how good is your product or service you need a distinguished innovative   marketing campaign to increase your turnover, keep your current customers and attract prospective public. At a.t. Advertising our crew specialized in managing and performing advertising campaigns will concentrate on the following points to ensure campaign success and obtaining the aimed  results:

• Proceed in a strategy based on dividing your advertising campaign budget to be invested in several advertising means instead of using only one to test the most effective for your business.
• Taking into consideration you marketing strategy when planning your advertising campaign.
• Identify your business rivals, their weak and strong aspects to obtain new ideas to perform your advertising campaign. This procedure is crucial even though the importance and effect of this procedure is not taken seriously.
• Entangle your target public in your advertising campaign and benefit from their reaction, turning them from mere spectators to an effective element through questionnaires about their satisfaction  and their suggestions for best strategies and best results.

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