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Documentary Movies

With the prevalence of visual media and with its importance in delivering ideas to target public many types of visual media became eminent such as television commercials, documentary movies and multimedia shows. Therefore, and with prevalence of this kind of media a.t. Advertising adopted the concept of providing services that bring the agency to the scope of companies specialized in this domain, producing artistic presentations using high technologies.

So, to succeed in this domain,  a.t. Advertising as a leading promotional company employed a specialized talented crew and used world known developed equipment thus working and striving to present the best. Interactive video is a very effective promotional mean as the receiver responds to visual effects and views his ideas instead of reading them.

A professionally designed  documentary combines fixed pictures with video, uses flash technical programs to make  interactive movies  and present creative ideas according to a scenario previously well designed to present your company activity to your public, which in the end provides great privilege and  revenues to you company.

These documentaries are used for:
 Commercial fairs
 Board meetings
 Next new released products in retail sale.
 Waiting halls
a.t Advertising crew has the experience and know-how to produce documentaries ( television commercials and multimedia shows suitable for all business) presenting work plans, suggest scenarios, photo sessions using high technical cameras and photo techniques,  and ending with editing and  professional application of sound and visual effects. 

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