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Promo and Products Packaging »
Promo and Products Packaging
Promo and Products Packaging
All kinds of packaging process of providing outstanding solutions to various industrial and commercial sectors ranging from food and consumer products down to seasonal promotions and by providing protection to your products during distribution, storage, sale and use. In addition to print advertising and promotional message required on packages of discounts and other promotions and packaging process through clear plastic layer wraps around the product to form a layer resistant to external factors correspond to the size and shape of the product.
Availability (a.t) thermal packaging service quality (POF-PVC), which is one of the most material that is rumored to be used in the packaging industry and work as well as to provide assistance and technical advice and ideas for the appearance of the desired product or final form according to the best specifications.
Packaging Features:
1. The basic material used in the powerful and flexible packaging provides
    protection for the product.
2. Possibility of adding advertising and promotional message required
    on the packaging in accordance with the approved designs.
3. The size and color of transparent packaging clear makes it appealing 
    is suitable for sale either retail or wholesale where perfected for 
    marketing purposes.
4. Is a relatively inexpensive option and ideal for low-cost solutions.
5. High resistance to heat, water, dust and moisture.
6. Reduce pollution losses and damage, saving you time and money.

Packaging Uses:
1. Detergents and chemical products.
2. Food and drinks.
3. Personal care products (skin and hair care products-cosmetics).
4. Medicines and health foods.
5. Auto parts.
6. Books and publications.

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